These unique decorative mirrors are hand-crafted and custom made.  The architecturologists at Olde Good Things carefully salvage the ceiling tiles from old buildings and transform them into interesting and eclectic mirrors, frames and tin panels.  Also available are copper cornice frames and wood molding mirrors and picture frames.  Each piece has a story to tell!  

These are limited edition patterns and are available only as the current supply lasts.  We continue to purchase the salvage rites to old structures prior to demolition - so for as long as possible... we will continue to get olde ceiling tin and continue manufacturing our unique line of mirrors and frames!

Take a look at just a few of our styles.  We have many materials to choose from and a variety of sizes are available.   

Our Americana Reproduction Tin line is now available.  These new tins are all American made from original molds which have been used for over 100 years.  We chose from the manufacturer only those especially suited for mirrors and frames.  If you require a large quantity of the same frames this may be the avenue for you.  

Order online or call us at our national warehouse in Scranton, PA or our Manhattan Showroom location.  

Discounts available to the trade



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