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 NEWSLETTERS - May 28, 2005


7th Edition Newsletter

Featuring the Philadelphia Civic Center Excavation



  The Philadelphia Convention Hall and Civic Center - Philadelphia, PA

The historic Philadelphia Convention Hall and Civic Center was built in 1929.  It was used to attract exhibitions, conventions, trade shows, athletic events, and public admission shows of all kinds for the general benefit of the City as a whole, both financially and from an entertainment standpoint. It operated a Convention Hall, Exhibition Halls and the Civic Center Museum for these purposes. The Civic Center complex served over one million visitors per year, with five large public buildings comprising over one million square feet of space.  Prior to its recent demolition, the architecturologists spotted a future for many of the deco style architectural items on the site.  For instance, thousands of feet of copper roof material is being transformed into handmade mirrors and artifacts.  Plus we retrieved marble moldings, bronze plaques, theatre and folding seats, iron and terra cotta balistrades as well as the most amazing find of all and most difficult to remove... 7 40 ft. limestone figural friezes - each with a different theme... take a look at the pictures in amazement!

One of the architecturologists most difficult jobs so far, this removal of friezes atop the Philadelphia Convention Hall yielded 7 complete sets now ready for a new location.
These can be seen at our Scranton Location.

Besides the figural friezes, there are also geographical friezes of the continents of the world.

The roof of this building was protected with copper roofing.  An excellent material to make one of our unique lines of decorative mirrors...


Here you can see more pictures of the limestone figural friezes... plus the "Scales of Justice" Seal -
any questions please feel free to email...


We also were able to retrieve theatre seats, doors, marble moldings, and copper lights, corbels, iron deco balistrades, even the turnstyles...


Bronze Hardware with the Philadelphia Seal Insignia
of course in the Deco Style...

The adjacent building, Commercial Museum, also came down a few months before the Convention Hall, we were able to retrieve the small terracotta flowers off these fancy terracotta capitals...



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 Olde Good Things has developed a wonderful reputation in the salvage business. As a result, we have many new and exciting excavations of choice estates on the horizon. Read all about them in upcoming newsletters on our website.

Remember we are experts in the removal of many antique and architectural artifacts - our service is available to building owners...  let us know what you need removed.  Here's an example of a limestone entry way which was carefully removed for a client from a building on 88th St., in Manhattan:

We also plan to be sending another immediate update
 giving a preview of our latest acquisitions

from the famous

Plaza Hotel at E. 58th St. in Manhattan...

keep your computer eyes posted!!

Don't forget to bookmark our online store, which is updated often...


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